BTS Is One Of The Closest And Most Fun Groups Around, Here Are 25 Gifs To Prove It

Just a few reasons why we love ’em 😊

One of the reasons why people are drawn to BTS is because of their lovable personalities. Fans adore how fun the members are, and a reason why this is possible is because of how close they are to one another. After all, people have the most fun when they’re surrounded by the people they love!

ARMYs recently shared their favorite gifs of the boys having fun with each other. Check them out below!

1. When they rolled on the floor

2. When they made a mistake on stage

3. When they were in their own world

4. When they were in sync

5. When they had a pajama “party”

6. When they were this playful before the camera

7. …and again!

8. When they competitively raised their hands

9. When they had the time of their lives in a concert

10. When they were weird together

11. When they celebrated with ARMYs

12. When they just focused on eating (because who needs conversation when there’s food?)

13. When some members jumped around but the others didn’t care

14. When they were awed at a cake

15. When they gave ARMYs their hearts

16. When they jumped in a circle

17. When they had the time of their lives on stage

18. When they were comfortable together

19. When they all had one brain cell

20. When they were 100% relaxed in a music show

21. When they got excited just looking at themselves…

22. How adorable are they?

23. When they cheered for something (or everything!)

24. And when they were just themselves, even during a “serious” schedule

25. Because at the end of the day, they’re brothers

The BTS members are some of the most fun idols in the industry, and we couldn’t love them any less!

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Source: theqoo