BTS’s “Answer” Outfits Were Probably Inspired By These Pop Legends And You Didn’t Even Realize

Each BTS member has a different, iconic look.

BTS has come a long way from their “No More Dream” basketball jerseys, and are now rocking a classy retro aesthetic for their Love Yourself: Answer concept photos. Their bold, artistic outfits draw heavily on patterns, colours, and fashion trends from the 1960’s to the 1980s, but they may have specifically been inspired by these pop legends.


1. Jimin – Michael Jackson

Jimin’s GUCCI crystal-embellished stretch-knit sweater bears a striking resemblance to Michael Jackson‘s sparkling sweater. Jimin’s stylists have even paired the sweater with a collared shirt and tie, similar to how Michael Jackson wore his.

Jimin’s baby pink pants may have also come from this pop king’s wardrobe.

Jimin’s pants are nearly the exact same shade as these pink jeans.


2. Jungkook – Michael Jackson

If there was one clothing item Michael Jackson couldn’t live without, it was his military jacket.

MJ wore a variety of gorgeous military costumes throughout his career, in a variety of colours, but he loved to combine gold with red…

…and black.

Jungkook‘s snazzy military jacket may have been designed with this famous Michael Jackson outfit in mind.

Jungkook’s leg-straps may have been inspired by Michael Jackson as well…

…because he wore similar ones with this stage outfit.


3. V – Prince

V‘s ruffled outfit may be a nod to Prince, who was known for his flamboyant, gender-bending fashion sense.

Prince often mixed textures by paired straight-cut tops with ruffled ones, just like V’s stylists have done for V.


4. Suga – David Bowie

For this look, Suga‘s stylists have dressed him in butterfly-print pants, a striped white shirt, and a harlequin ruff for a whimsical look. David Bowie certainly wasn’t shy about pairing nature patterns with solid-coloured clothes during the 1980s…

…or adding stylish neckwear!


5. J-Hope – Boy George

In this photo, J-Hope wears a number of traditionally feminine clothing items, including a skirt and ruffled shirt. If there’s one style icon who paved the way for androgynous fashion, it’s Boy George.

His gender-bending fashion sense has inspired fashion designers for decades, and possibly BTS’s stylists too!


6. Jin – Elvis Presley

There’s a good chance that Jin‘s gold-embellished, white outfit was inspired by the King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley.

This white suit is Elvis Presley’s most iconic outfit of all time.

When most people think ‘Elvis’, this is what they picture.


7. RM – Elton John

There’s no denying that RM‘s checkered jacket is directly inspired by pop legend, Elton John.

This jacket was taken right out of GUCCI’s Elton John collection!