If BTS Were “The Outsiders”, Here’s Who They Might Be

In honor of “Stay Gold”, here’s BTS as “The Outsiders” cast.

On July 15, BTS will release their 4th Japanese album, Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey, featuring the song “Stay Gold”. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, many fans believe that “Stay Gold” was inspired by S.E Hinton‘s The Outsiders. “Stay Gold” is a famous quote in the book that was taken from the Robert Frost poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay”.

In honor of the first sneak peek at “Stay Gold”, here is BTS as The Outsiders cast!

1. Jungkook as Ponyboy Curtis

Jungkook and Ponyboy are both the Golden Maknaes of their friend groups, but they have much more in common than just age.

Like Jungkook, Ponyboy excels at anything he puts his mind to. He rolls with a brawny greaser gang, always ready to kick butt at a rumble, but he also has an artistic side that sets him apart from your average hoodlum. Ponyboy is a gifted writer, while Jungkook is a talented artist. Like Ponyboy, Jungkook adores the brotherhood he calls family.

2. V as Johnny Cade

has traits that could land him in a number of roles, including Dally Winston and Sodapop Curtis, but it would be interesting to see V as Johnny. Although V is as confident as Johnny is nervous, they’re both incredibly loyal to their friends, and their soulful eyes are full of untold stories.

Interestingly, Johnny Cade has much common with V’s fictional character from the BTS Universe: both are children of abusive, alcoholic parents, whose friends have become their new family. V’s character seeks help from his friends after killing his father with a broken bottle, and Johnny seeks help from his friends after killing a Soc. boy in self-defense.

3. RM as Darry Curtis

Darry is the head of the Curtis family and the unofficial leader of the greasers. Like RM, Darry is intelligent, strong, and a natural leader.

Darry puts the needs of his family above his own, much like RM puts the BTS team first. It should be noted, however, that Darry lacks the patience and understanding that RM possesses.

4. Jin as Sodapop Curtis

The second-oldest Curtis brother is happy-go-lucky, handsome, and charming. Hmmm. Does that sound like a certain Worldwide Handsome we know?

Jin has all the above traits, and like Sodapop, he loves his younger “brothers” more than anything.

5. J-Hope as Two-Bit Mathews

Two-Bit is a wisecracking greaser and the gang’s mood maker. Like J-Hope, he’s always up for a good time, and he makes his friends laugh like no one else can.

Unlike Two-Bit, J-Hope doesn’t shoplift as a hobby!

6. Suga as Dallas Winston

When BTS first debuted, Suga gave off an intimating, “don’t mess with me” vibe that screams Dally.

Over the years, it became obvious, however, that Suga has the heart of a marshmallow. Dally doesn’t care much about anyone or anything, but when he does love he loves deeply. Like Dally, Suga doesn’t put up with people who seek to bring him or his team down, and he’s protective of his loved ones.

7. Jimin as Cherry Valance

What the heck? Why is Jimin being cast as a Soc. girl when greaser Steve Randle is still on the table? For one thing, Steve is an underdeveloped character who nobody really likes. (True story).  Secondly, if you ignore plot and gender and look solely at Cherry’s personality, Jimin as Cherry isn’t the wildest choice.

Cherry is an understanding person who sees people for who they are on the inside, and she makes the people around her feel welcome. Like Cherry, Jimin is a great listener. His members feel comfortable talking to Jimin when they have problems, just like Ponyboy talks to Cherry. Cherry is also stubborn, strongwilled, and brave, willing to stand up to Socs and greasers alike. Jimin has that combination of strength and kindness that makes Cherry such an admirable character.