Here’s 10+ Must-See Moments From BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Balance Game

“We look like idols, right?”

BTS uploaded a new video in which they played a “Balance Game” while their new song “Permission to Dance” played. They stood in a line and danced through as they selected one of two choices in a “would you rather?” style.

Here are 10+ must-see moments that are both funny and cute…

1. Jumping in tiny

2. Main dancer Jin

3. J-Hope staying on-brand for himself

4. Jimin peeking out from behind Jin

5. Suga being a grandpa

6. J-Hope’s character development?

I guess this is his attempt at being “handsome for once,” although we know he is both effortlessly handsome and cute!

7. Everything about this moment

They’re truly the cutest!

8. They were all serving looks

9. V’s thoughts on knowledge…

10. Jungkook’s iconic pose

11. J-Hope’s tiny dances

12. RM being effortlessly cool as usual

13. Michael Jimin

14. BTS basically forgetting they are BTS

Check out ARMYs’ reactions below:

10+ Funniest ARMY Reactions To BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Balance Game

Watch the full video below: