10+ Hottest BTS Moments From The “Permission To Dance” Music Video That We Can’t Help But Replay

#4, everyone.

BTS just dropped their music video for “Permission to Dance.” Of course, we couldn’t help but be distracted by their drop dead gorgeous visuals throughout the video.

Check out some of their hottest moments below!

1. RM’s Shirt

First up, RM‘s shirt should be illegal. Slightly see-through and with the first few buttons unbuttoned, it’s the cause of many heart attacks today.

2. Jin’s Stare

When Jin looked at us “right in the eye,” he took our breaths away.

3. Jimin’s Smirk

Blink and you’ll miss it, but Jimin‘s smirk is worth getting dry eyes for.

4. Jungkook’s Nightclub

Jungkook definitely wasn’t rolling in “like a dancing fool” in this heart-stopping sequence.

Jungkook | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

5. V’s Red Outfit

It’s a smoking hot color for a smoking hot man. And with his gaze, we’re all captivated for sure!

6. V’s Eyebrow Raise

The way V moves his eyebrows and smirks at the cameras is dangerous, alright.

7. J-Hope’s Sleeveless Shirt

Are you still alive, ARMYs?

8. Jimin’s Bridge

Jimin mastered the art of looking effortlessly handsome.

9. Jungkook’s Walk

Jungkook sauntered to the front like the way he walked straight into our hearts.


10. V’s Sleeves

There’s something about V rolling up his sleeves that gets us every time.

11. Suga’s Confidence

We stan a man with confidence!

12. BTS Being Themselves

Guys, there’s only so much we can take. 😭

One thing’s for sure, this is definitely a comeback worth remembering!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out BTS’s music video for “Permission To Dance” below.

Source: YouTube