20 Of The Funniest Reactions To BTS’s “Permission To Dance” MV

Nobody can handle these cowboys.

Yeehaw! BTS‘s new “Permission to Dance” MV is here, and it’s everything fans have been hoping for. Here are 20 of the best reactions to the music video, so far!

1. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Why would you do this, ARMY? Why?

2. Christmas in July

3. “Shush peasant”

4. Is this a dream? Don’t you dare wake me up.

5. Shoutout to everyone who made this mistake

6. This “jumpscare”

7. A request for the “God of Destruction”

8. Permission granted. Any time. Anywhere.

9. Maybe next time…

10. Yee-hawt

11. The aesthetic nobody asked for but everyone needs

12. Guilty as charged!

13. When your family asks you why you’re screaming:

14. The tears are real

15. Emo Cowboy Jungkook

16. Vocal legend coming through!

17. Can I take your order?

18. We’ve been clowned again

19. Today’s topic:

20. In conclusion…

Source: HYBE Labels