10+ Epic Times Jin Got Photobombed By His BTS Members

His 6 younger “brothers” have made it their mission to sabotage him.

Taking a selfie is easy, unless you’re Jin. Jin happens to have six younger “brothers” who love to sabotage his photos. Here are 10+ times BTS photobombed him just because they can!

1. “I was trying to take a picture, but they kept interfering…”

On February 24, Jin shared three new hilarious photos with this caption.

2. Not even Jin can take a serious selfie…

3. …when these sneaks are around!

4. Speaking of sneaks, let’s not forget that time Jungkook literally flew into Jin’s shot.

5. All Jin wanted was a nice photo with his figurine…

6. …but Jimin and Suga wouldn’t allow it.

7. Hey, Jin. Jimin mustache you a question about that pink alpaca!

8. Worldwide Harassed couldn’t catch a break at BTS’s pop-up store. I Spy with my little eye, one Golden Maknae…

9. …one soft boy V…

10. …and one meddling Mochi!

11. Whatever. Jin knows how to roll with it!

12. Here’s Jin getting photobombed by J-Hope and photographer V while wearing four pairs of sunglasses.

Show me a more leJINary photo. I’ll wait.

13. This savage selfie

Jin said, “this ain’t about you,” by slapping a sticker on Jungkook’s face. That’ll teach him a lesson!

14. BONUS: This random creeper

Who is this man? I don’t know him, but I know I stan him.