8 Times BTS Were Plagiarized In Painfully Obvious Ways

These songs, artwork, and clothing designs scream “copycat”.

From their music to their cover art, BTS has been battling plagiarists for years. Although great minds do think alike, fans feel that these 8 instances are too painfully obvious to be coincidental.

1. Best Tasting Sardines

No, BTS’s official merchandise doesn’t include canned fish.

2. Tissue’s World

J-Hope’s solo mixtape Hope World might be the most plagiarized album art in K-Pop history!

This cover has been blatantly copied several times, including for Tissue‘s Tissue World. 

3. Aloha by Donsolo

4. Neue Welt by Waterboii

5. These Love Yourself flowers

Alkaram, a famous fashion brand from Pakistan, removed an item from their inventory after netizens pointed out the striking similarities between this denim Kurta and BTS‘s Love Yourself cover designs.

6. “Scenne Nennè”

In 2019, Italian singer Seiell came under fire for his song “Scenne Nennè”, which sounds nearly identical to BTS‘s “Fake Love”.

Japanese media later reported that Seiell claimed to not know who BTS was prior to releasing his song. He said, “Before I released this song, I didn’t know the existence of BTS. I did not think such a thing could happen. I have received indiscriminate blame and defamation from all over the world. I will take legal action against fans who cause trouble for me.


7. Map of the Soul: 7 by YEGO

A Brazilian rapper by the name of YEGO was called out by ARMY for copying BTS’s 2020 album from its cover design to its tracklist.

Thankfully, YEGO and his label were cordial about the matter. They have since taken down the album.

8. D-Day’s “Ddaeng”

Last January, called out Chinese rapper D-Day for allegedly copying the instrumental from BTS‘s song “Ddaeng” after noticing unmistakable similarities between the tracks.