5 Times Professionals Photoshopped BTS And Failed…Hard

Fans caught some major mistakes that slipped right under the radar.

Most of the promotional images you see for BTS are touched up to some degree, but sometimes professional editors get a little carried away with Photoshop. Here are 5 major Photoshop fails that will make you say, “who okayed this?”

1. Bodyfriend and the BTS doppelgangers

Welcome, first time with…BTS? When this promotional image for Bodyfriend massage chairs came out, fans were shocked by how heavily BTS’s members had been Photoshopped.

Fans tried to enhance the image to make it higher quality, but that only made things worse…

much worse.

2. Boys With Photoshop

Bodyfriend released more than one promo image, and unfortunately, they all have a number of Photoshop mistakes. At first glance, nothing looks off in this photo, but if you look closer you’ll notice…

J-Hope‘s floating arm…

Jimin‘s anatomically weird fingers…

…and some funky things going on with the members’ eyes.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that BTS doesn’t look anything like BTS. Here’s the real J-Hope…

…and here’s his imposter.

3. Giving “Filter” a whole new meaning

Just when you think things can’t possibly get any worse, they do! In this Bodyfriend group photo, Rhas three arms, J-Hope is missing a foot, the proportions of Jimin’s right arm seem off, and, once again, the members are nearly unrecognizable.

When a fan showed V the photo on Weverse, he reacted like this:

4. V is missing something…

Speaking of V, he’s missing an arm in this FILA photo. Where did it go? It could be tucked behind him out of sight…or not.

5. America’s Got Talent…but photo editing isn’t it

Somebody on the editing team might have been in a rush to get this photo done because they forgot a few things. Things like RM’s shoulder, Suga‘s ear, and Jungkook‘s fingertip.

A few mistakes were fixed later on, but poor Jungkook is still missing his digit!