10+ ARMYs Who Aren’t Invited To BTS’s “PTD LIVE”…And Are Feeling Rightfully Salty

How is this “worldwide?”

BTS‘s PERMISSION TO DANCE concert is coming to a theater near you…or not? Today, BTS announced an exciting, live-streamed event that will take place on March 12, worldwide. Unfortunately, “PTD LIVE VIEWING” is not available in all cities (or countries).

Understandably, many ARMYs are celebrating while others are (rightfully) salty. Check out these relatable reactions!

1. This is what real heartbreak looks like

2. They have a point!

3. When your last straw finally snaps

4. Lower your expectations. Lower. No, lower. Keep going…

5. Just slap us instead, HYBE. It would hurt less!

6. “Worldwide?” Whose world, exactly?

7. This Indian ARMY brought receipts

“India is the seventh-largest country in the world…” 

8. Trying not to feel bitter like:

9. When you’re invited to the party but can’t make it past the door

10. No love for India

11. FML. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

12. When you could go to the show but actually can’t.