Jungkook’s “Hot Body”, And 4 Other Things To Look Forward To On BTS’s Tour

In an interview, BTS revealed what fans can expect to see on their 2020 tour.

BTS‘s 2020 world tour is only a couple of months away! In a recent interview with Radio Disney, BTS shared a few things fans can expect from their upcoming concerts, and their album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7.

1. The Magic of Seven

“I can’t tell the specific details,” RM said, “but the title of the new album is ‘7’. I think it symbolizes, like, everything. You know, we got seven members, and it’s been like seven years since our debut. So, seven’s a really special number for BTS. You can expect, you know, since the title’s ‘7’, there’s some magic or souls inside.”

2. Craziness

When asked to describe their new album in three words, Jimin said, “This is crazy.” We expect no less from the best!

3. Intense choreography

It’s difficult to imagine BTS’s dances getting even more intense, but this is something Jimin says fans should look forward to seeing.

4. Improved language skills

BTS have already picked up vocabulary from other languages, but they will continue to improve their skills on tour. “Study English,” J-Hope said. “Study languages.” 

5. Jungkook’s “hot body”

When asked what they are preparing for the tour besides killer choreography, Jungkook said, “Body.” 

“What body?” RM prompted. Jungkook started to say “hot body“, then paused and looked to his members to help him express his thoughts.

“Fitness,” RM clarified, laughing. Same difference, right?

Watch the interview here: