BTS Rap Line’s Moon Signs And What They Mean

Do you have the same moon sign as any of the rap line members?

While many people know their sun signs and the traits of their signs, your moon sign plays an important role in how you express your emotions and is a key part of your inner world. Your sun sign relates to how other people see you, like your personality and your personal style. Your moon sign, however, is more closely linked to how you see yourself. Your moon sign can also help predict how you’ll react in certain situations.

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Considering the significant role moon signs play, it’s no wonder that people not only want to know their friends’ moon signs but also their favorite celebrities’ moon signs!

Here are the moon signs of the members of BTS’s rap line, along with an explanation of what their moon signs mean!

J-Hope (left), Suga (middle), and RM (right) | @diilettae_/Twitter

1. RM

RM’s moon sign is Sagittarius. People with this moon sign crave knowledge. They love learning about new things, hearing other people’s ideas, and spending time reflecting on their own thoughts. No wonder RM spends so much time reading and visiting art museums!


People with Sagittarius moons tend to be optimistic and self-assured. This may be why RM was so confident that he would prove his haters wrong and become a successful rapper.


Those with their moon in Sagittarius are extremely tapped into their intuition, but they don’t shy away from using their reasoning abilities either. They love debates, and anyone who’s seen the debate episodes of Run BTS! knows this is totally true of RM. Additionally, people with this moon sign have a deep desire for freedom. They long to live their lives without being judged, and they tend to favor jobs that allow them to travel and explore the world. Being able to travel the world as a member of BTS definitely appeals to RM’s Sagittarius moon!

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 2. Suga

Suga’s moon sign is Virgo. People with this moon sign are all about organization and they pay extreme attention to detail. They’re the types of people who need everything in order before they can start working and who like when their space is just as functional as it is stylish. No wonder Suga spent so much time perfecting his studio, Genius Lab!

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Virgo is considered a sign of service, and people with Virgo moons love taking care of others. People with this moon sign take care of the people around them in practical ways. This totally fits Suga! He’s often seen quietly taking care of the BTS members by bringing them water onstage and helping them out in any other ways he can.

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People with Virgo moons tend to work hard, and this is definitely true of prolific songwriter and producer, Suga. They love achieving great things and go far beyond the bare minimum. However, people with this moon sign also know how to relax, and they tend to favor hobbies that allow them to either get some physical activity in or spend time in nature. No wonder Suga’s often shown fishing with Jin and hits the gym in his spare time.


 3. J-Hope

J-Hope’s moon sign is Taurus. People with this moon sign are warm and friendly, which is totally befitting of J-Hope’s sunshine-like personality!

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People with this moon sign love to collect items that make them feel good about themselves and remind them of who they truly are. While some misunderstand them as being materialistic, they use material things to connect with themselves and express their personalities without having to try to sum themselves up in words. J-Hope’s signature Hobicore aesthetic is totally in line with this description of Taurus moons. Everything he owns screams J-Hope, which means his clothes, jewelry, and all of his other possessions are truly great representatives of him.

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People with Taurus moons are known for being dependable and loyal. They’re very affectionate with their loved ones and are extremely generous. Those born under this moon sign also have a heightened sense of body awareness, which means they’re highly in tune with how their body feels and how it moves. J-Hope’s incredible dance skills are definitely proof of his enviable body awareness!