The BTS Reading List : 10 Books BTS Recommends To Read When You Need To Feel Better

One book created so much impact that their album was influenced by it.

BTS has been a source of inspiration in many ways, both through their music and actions. These days are a change from when almost every day, BTS content was available for ARMYs. To keep the BTS inspiration going, here are books to read that will deliver upliftment and positive vibes. These are books BTS members themselves have read and recommended.

1. I Decided to Live as Me

In one episode of  Bon Voyage 3, Jungkook was seen packing for their trip to Malta, and one of the items he packed was a copy of I Decided To Live As Me. Written and illustrated by Soo Hyun Kim, the book’s best takeaway is for young adults not to be pressured by society, including their own family, to embrace their uniqueness while accepting imperfections.

This book can help the reader be easier on one’s self, and be assured that it’s ok not to always agree with what is the norm. The author’s illustrations help illustrate points she wanted to underscore, and the result was a narration of the author’s own funny stories that were relatable.

I Decided To Live As Me |

I Decided To Live As Me was originally written in Korean, but due to the immense demand of international ARMYs to get a copy of the book, it has since been reprinted in English and Japanese, and sold over a million copies.

2. Almond

Both Suga and RM recommended this debut work of author Won Pyung Sohn. It is a story about overcoming one’s weaknesses and stepping out of comfort zones.

Almond is the story of Yunjae, a boy born with Alexithemia, an inability to describe and identify emotions. During a phase when he was coping with the loss of his loved ones, Yunjae met Gon, a troubled teenager with whom he developed a friendship. Yunjae soon learned to open up to people, and slowly something within him changed.

3. The Little Prince

Written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince is the book Jungkook claimed as the only book he could ever finish cover-to-cover.

The Little Prince is about a young prince who visited planets in space, including Earth, to seek wisdom. Through his journey, he discovered the unpredictable nature of adults and how some have already forgotten that they were once children. The book explored themes of friendship, love, loneliness, and loss.

Fun Fact: There’s a pretty tourist spot in Gapyeong County called Petite France, where a memorial hall was built dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Exupery Museum |
Petite France| Korea Trip Tips/

4. The Alchemist

One of Paolo Coelho‘s most popular books, The Alchemist is highly-recommended by Suga, an avid fan of the author. The book is about soul-searching, finding true happiness, and pursuing dreams despite obstacles. The book has sold over 150 million copies.

In 2020, Paolo Coelho sent autographed copies of The Alchemist to all BTS members, surely making Suga very happy.

5. Demian

Demian by Hermann Hesse was a book read by all BTS members. The book left a strong impression on BTS, such that it was heavily referenced in their album Wings.

Published in 1919, Demian is the story of docile Emil Sinclair and his schoolmate Max Demian, who introduced Emil into a dangerous world of petty crime and revolt against convention. The book dwells on personal conflict, spirituality, and self-awakening.

6. Between Calm and Passion

Penned by Kaori Ekuni and Hitonari Tsuji, Between Calm and Passion is a book recommended by Jimin, which is a story about a couple named Aoi and Junsei, who promised to meet ten years later on Aoi’s 30th birthday at the Duomo in Florence, Italy. The book was written in Japanese, but Jimin read the Korean-translated version.

Although this book has no English translation, there is a Japanese movie based on the book called Calmi Cuori Appassonati, released in 2001.


7. I’m Glad You Lived Like Bonobono

Jin read this book by Kim Shin Hoi, which is basically about Bonobono, a sea otter who leads a simple life, has empathy, and accepts life’s realities.

Here are similarities among the people that like Bonobono. They are people who live every day quietly without big dreams, people who prefer comfort to thrills, people who don’t live the life they dreamed of when they were young but do not despair about it, and people who know how to give up knowing there are things that can’t get done no matter what, who know how to listen to other people’s tears and sighs as much as their own, and people who sometimes land and look lazy without any drive… People who like Bonobono are not especially energetic or bright, but they live on.

— Excerpt from the book, I’m Glad You Lived Like Bonobono

8. Living, Loving and Learning

J-Hope recommended this book by Leo F. Buscaglia, Ph.D. , during one of his online podcasts. The book is a collection of Dr. Buscaglia’s insights and amusing lectures delivered worldwide. Living Loving and Learning speaks on accepting life’s challenges, the wonder of love, and transferring inner strength to outside love.

9. The Power of Words

In 2019, V was seen in the airport holding a copy of The Power of Words by Shin Dohyun and Yoon Naru.  The book serves as a guide to becoming a better speaker in eight stages and how individuals can be more articulate and thoughtful speakers.

The pictures of V holding the book increased sales and even led to a translated version for readers in Japan! The authors have thanked V for his support.

10. A Bigger Message: Conversations with David Hockney

A Bigger Message: Conversations with David Hockney by Martin Gayford is a book RM was gifted with by the author when RM attended a David Hockney exhibition. Since then, RM was seen reading the book backstage in a “BANGTAN BOMB,” while getting hair and make-up done.