9 Times BTS Slapped Fans With Cold, Hard Reality

These hilarious reality checks scream, “stay in your lane, ARMY”.

BTS and ARMY have a relationship that’s as playful as it is genuine. Fans love to tease the members, and BTS knows how to dish that teasing back. Here are 9 hilarious times BTS slapped ARMY with reality!

1. Question: Will Jin remember you out of the thousands of fans who attended BTS’s fan signs?

Answer: Not a chance.

2.  You’re crazy

After BTS dropped their first Map of the Soul: 7 concept photos, ARMYs shared edits on Weverse, including edits of wearing different outfits.

“Is something like this possible to do..?” V commented, impressed with ARMY’s skills. “It seems like I really won’t have to wear costumes for photoshoots.”

Some cheeky fans purposely misinterpreted V’s comment. V had no choice but to give them a reality check!

If you don’t wear it.. I’ll be thankful.. but isn’t it better to wear [clothes]..?

— Fan

“Excuse me, [fan’s username] what are you thinking about?” V commented. “I meant not wearing costumes, but I’d still be wearing my regular clothes.” 

“How about you take out the first and the last letters of your nickname,” he wrote. “your thoughts are crazy.” The fan’s username was Nangwangja (난광자). If you were to remove the beginning and ending of the name, you’d be left with gwang (광), meaning “crazy”!

3. That time Jin shot down ARMY’s marriage proposal

4. That other time Jin shot down ARMY’s marriage proposal

5.  “I’m not your oppa.”

Nowadays, Jungkook has come to terms with being an “oppa”, but that wasn’t always the case.

At a fan sign, he said, “I’m not your oppa”, then told fans he would be checking their ID cards so that he could see if they were actually young enough to call him “oppa”.

6. Not Jin’s type

7. Get out of your imagination, it’s not good there.

On Weverse, V looked for suggestions from fans on how to fall asleep more quickly. In reply, a fan wrote, “I do! Oppa, you can look at pictures of Jungkook oppa whom he loves.” 

V sank the Taekook ship with this truth bomb:

8. This unnecessary but factual reminder

9. “Go hospital plz”