25 Reasons Why “RM” Should Stand For “Role Model”

Here’s why fans admire him so much.

BTS‘s wise and patient leader, RM, is the kind of person fans can’t help but admire. In honor of his 25th birthday, here are 25 reasons why he’s a fantastic role model!


1. He leads by example.


2. He spreads positivity, hope, and love, instead of hate.


3. He acknowledges his shortcomings and constantly works to improve them.


4. He stands by his beliefs.


5. He builds others up instead of breaking them down.


6. He hasn’t let fame and fortune change him.


7. He puts the well-being of his loved ones above his own self-interest.


8. He proves that kindness is a strength, not a weakness.


9. He speaks up about socio-political issues and human rights.


10. He shows everyone the same level of respect.


11. He values knowledge and loves to share it.


12. He is open-minded and welcomes different opinions.


13. He is respectful of different cultures and nationalities.


14. He is kind to all living creatures.


15. He readily admits his mistakes and apologizes when he is in the wrong.


16. He’s a champion of the arts.


17. He participates in charity projects and inspires fans to do the same.


18. He cares about nature and the environment.


19. He strives to be an honest, transparent, and genuine person.


20. He doesn’t flaunt his intelligence. Instead, he uses it to teach others.


21. He uses music to comfort, educate, and inspire listeners.


22. He tries to represent BTS and his country in an admirable way every time he’s abroad.


23. He demonstrates the importance of teamwork.


24. He tries not to take anything for granted.


25. He’s living proof that perseverance pays off.