BTS Is Releasing New Merch And ARMYs Are Hilariously Wondering Exactly How They’re Going To Afford It

We’re somewhere between #3 and #6 😭

BTS just announced that they’re releasing their own set of merch in the new year and ARMYs are now once again trying to find some extra cash for this unexpected merch drop.

| Vogue Korea

From the teaser spot that was uploaded, it seems that each of the members are going to put their own thought and taste behind each of their merch lines.

While we’re sure ARMYs are excited to see what exactly the merch drop will bring, it seems like they’re also trying to find how they’re going to fund this next purchase! Their reactions on Twitter were priceless (excuse the word choice).

We’ve categorized ARMYs into 6 different types, check them out below.

1. The “money was meant to be spent” ARMY

2. The manifesters

3. The ones who know they just spent all their money on Christmas presents

4. The excited

5. The ones who have accepted their fates

6. The ones who turn to humor to mask their pain

Read more about the official drop below.

BTS Is Designing Their Own Merch, Here’s Everything You Need To Know