BTS Reveal What They Are Best And Worst At Among Themselves

They each ranked themselves 1st or 7th at these skills.

On June 11, BTS released new profile cards for their “2019 BTS FESTA”. Two of the questions BTS answered on for this are “Out of BTS I’m #1…” and “Out of BTS I’m #7 at…”. Many of their new answers vary from their past answers.


1. Jin is now #1 when it comes to age


2. Jin is #7 at living a lifestyle that fits his age


3. Suga is now #1 at getting into gaming the latest

4. Suga believe he ranks 7th for his physical



5. J-Hope is still #1 at having an optimistic mindset


6. J-Hope is #7 at eating a lot


7. RM is #1 at time management


8. RM is #7 at staying at home


9. Jimin is still #1 at lingering


10. Jimin used to be #7 at games, but now he thinks he’s #6


11. V is now #1 at taking care of all the members not just RM



12. V is #7 at…nothing!


13. Jungkook is now #1 waking up late



14. Jungkook is still #7 at going to sleep early