8 Of BTS RM’s Most Buff, Muscular Moments

He looks so strong!

It seems like BTS‘s RM gets more muscular every time we see him!

BTS’s RM | @95kthly/Twitter

Most recently, he made ARMYs’ hearts race by rocking a suit while meeting South Korea’s president, Moon Jae In.

Here are 8 of RM’s most buff moments!

1. When he showed off his strong arms while posing with Jimin

| @vminggukx/Twitter

2. When his arm muscles refused to be hidden by his T-shirt while BTS hung out with Coldplay’s Chris Martin

| @parkmygj/Twitter

3. When ARMYs didn’t know whether to focus on his muscles or his answers during his BE era 7-second interview

| @wwhksjbts/Twitter

4. When his pecs were the center of attention at South Korea’s inaugural Youth Day ceremony

| @PrinceTata7/Twitter

5. When he posed with art, but his arms were the real art

| @kookiexcore/Twitter

6. When he posted a gym selfie and threw ARMYs into a frenzy

| @bangtannminii/Twitter

7. When he showed off his thigh muscles backstage

| @hot_kook7/Twitter

8. When his back muscles were clearly visible through his shirt while filming Run BTS!

| @namjoonomnom/Twitter