BT21’s Koya Is RM’s Best Friend And BTS Fans’ Worst Enemy

This cartoon koala is doing what he does best: getting between RM and ARMY.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, Koya will be there to block RM from view.

The koala character RM designed for LINE FRIENDS‘ BT21 is getting on ARMY’s nerves for all the right reasons. BTS‘s editors use emojis like Koya to censor the members’ shirtless workouts and wardrobe mishaps.


Koya made his latest cameo in BANGTANTV‘s new behind the scenes video for the 2020 GRAMMY Awards. In this clip, RM can (barely) be seen exercising in the background while J-Hope is getting his hair done.

Now, ARMYs are cursing the koala out for being so good at his job!

1. The enemy of all RM fans

2. Here’s one excellent reason to stan RJ instead

3. Surely, we can come to a compromise…

4. The perfect distraction

5. Where do I sign?

6. Not today!

7. Hi! Hello! It’s me, Koya, here to ruin your day again.

8. Access denied

9. Up your game, you meddling marsupial

10. Every. Single. Time.