10 of RM’s Greatest English Lessons

Nobody teaches English quite like RM does.

These days the BTS members are becoming more fluent in English, thanks to RM‘s lessons. Here are some of his best ones yet!


1. “Pardon” with Jungkook

English teacher “Mr. Mon” taught Jungkook how to spell “pardon”, how to speak it, and which context to use it in.

Fans fell in love with the funny way RM and Jungkook said the word in unison.


2. Pronunciation with V

RM educated V on the importance of pronunciation when V talked about his alternate career choices.

Without the proper pronunciation, “saxophonist” could be misheard as “sexy porn star”.

That was not what V meant…was it?


3. English speaking time with Father Suga

RM used his time in the BTS Run confessional to “help” Suga converse in English. Student Suga wasn’t prepared for RM’s advanced, rapid-fire English…

…so he tried to escape it by offering RM his hand.


4. English speaking time with J-Hope

During BTS’s flight to Los Angelos, J-Hope initiated an English conversation with RM…

…but RM’s rambling went right over his head.

“Rap Monster’s English very hard.”  J-Hope


5. “Infires” with Suga

During an interview with KCON, RM asked Suga what inspires him. Suga answered the question in Korean then shouted, “infires!”.

RM corrected him while the other members joined in the fun!


6. “4 million. Thank you, A.R.M.Y. A.R.M.Y., we love you!”

RM taught V this phrase word by word.

They repeated it over and over, getting louder and louder…

…until the “lesson” became a rap. Turn it up!

RM’s class was so much fun that J-Hope just had to enroll too.


7. “July” with Jungkook

“Mr. Mon” returned to give his star “pardon” pupil another one-minute English lesson.

This time RM taught Jungkook the meaning of the English word “July” and how to use it in various situations.

Whenever Jungkook didn’t understand, he used RM’s previous lesson to his advantage.


8. “Antarctica” with J-Hope

RM taught J-Hope the word “Antarctica” during a flight to Los Angelos.

He used the word to express how cool it felt inside the plane.


9. “Good” with V

When RM asked V how he was doing, in English, V said, “I’m god”.

Did you mean “good”, V?


10. The meaning of “happiness” with A.R.M.Y

During BTS’s mini-drama Flower Boys Bangtan High School, RM taught A.R.M.Y how to interpret an English sentence.

He explained how a person’s happiness can grow over time.

A.R.M.Y’s happiness reached exponential levels after receiving this handsome teacher’s lesson!