10+ Times BTS’s RM And GOT7’s Jackson Were Everyone’s Friendship Goals

“RapSon” is shows their love in hilarious and memorable ways.

ARMYs and iGOT7s can never get enough of “GOTBANG”, and some of the most memorable interactions have happened between BTS‘s RM and GOT7‘s Jackson. Here 10+ of their best moments so far!


1. When RM messaged Jackson on his birthday

At 12:01, he sent me a message: “Happy Birthday, brother.”He said ‘happy birthday’, and I was like “Wow, you remember? Damn!”.  And then he was like, “Yeah, I remember”.

— Jackson


2. When Jackson playfully accused RM of treating him “coldly”…


3. …and RM said that Jackson is much nicer than he is


4. When they made fun of each other’s dance moves…


5. …and bickered backstage


6.. When Jackson asked RM to go easy on him during a rap battle so that his feelings wouldn’t get hurt


7. It didn’t end up being much of a “battle”. As soon as RM started rapping, Jackson begged him not to diss him!


8. When Jackson called RM and told him he misses him


9. When Jackson turned his verse of their rap battle into a sweet “confession”


10. When RM had to drag Jackson out of his seat to get him to leave BTS and rejoin his own members


11. When they came up with their own ship name

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