10 Times RM Got Rejected By His Fellow BTS Members

What do high-fives, hugs, and handshakes have in common? Not RM, apparently.

From hugs to high-fives, BTS‘s leader just can’t get any love! His history of missed handshakes has earned a spot in the fandom’s Hall of Fame.


1. High-five! No? Okay…

When J-Hope refused to slap RM‘s hand, RM gave himself a low-five.


2. Jimin, stop ignoring me!

What good is being the leader if nobody listens to you?


3. Don’t touch me, hyung.

V didn’t just ignore RM. He pushed him away!


4. Drink? Fine. High-five? Forget it.

During a live broadcast, Jimin was nice enough to bring RM a beverage, but he drew the line at high-fives.


5. Too late. The moment is gone.

RM waited on V for a handshake, but just as V turned toward him, RM retracted his hand. After waiting so long, a handshake would have been awkward.


6. No thanks, RM. I’m good.

When Jungkook extended his hand, RM offered to shake it. Jungkook rejected him by rubbing his own face instead.


7. V, don’t make me chase you.

RM followed V all the way across the room for a handshake and V still didn’t give it to him.


8. This one-sided hug…


9. …followed by this unacknowledged handshake.

RM didn’t know what to do with his hand after that.


10. Even interviewers have rejected him!

Getting ignored by your members is bad, but being ignored by total strangers is even worse.


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