BTS’s RM Said The Group Got Handsome After Debut, So Here’s 10 Throwback Pics To Prove They’ve Always Been Visual Kings

These throwback photos prove the BTS members have always been handsome!

BTS reacted to a photo from their debut during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

After seeing the picture, RM told Jimmy Fallon, “I think we got handsome.”

Well, RM, we’re going to have to disagree. BTS has always been handsome, and here are  10 pictures to prove it!

1. The rap line posing together in their BTS jerseys

This throwback photo of RMSuga, and J-Hope rocking their BTS jerseys proves they’ve always been as handsome as they are talented!

2. When Jungkook broke the Internet with a car selfie

Only Jungkook could look this good while casually posing in the car!

3. V’s breathtaking barefaced visuals

Even in this closeup and without makeup, V is just as stunning as ever in this photo!

4. The time locals fell in love with Jin aka the “third one from the left”

This photo from the 2017 Billboard Music Awards proves Jin earned his Worldwide Handsome nickname long ago!

5. Jimin’s amazingly sharp jawline

No, we will never be over Jimin during BTS’s cover of Shinhwa‘s “Perfect Man.” Just look at his jawline and gorgeous orange hair! 

6. Two words: Mint. Yoongi.

Suga’s mint hair from 2015 has been living rent-free in our minds for years. Although Suga is beyond handsome with any hair, we’re still waiting for his mint hair to make a reappearance!

 7. This RM selfie from 2019 MAMA

Only RM could strike this perfect balance between being handsome and adorable.

8. J-Hope showing off his red hair

J-Hope once said his red hair was his favorite hair, and we can definitely see why. He’s rocking that red!

9. Vocal line during the 5th Muster

Honestly, we don’t even know who to look at in this pic. They all look amazing!

10. OT7 BTS at the 2020 Grammys

When they walked the red carpet at the 2020 Grammys, BTS had locals scrambling to find out who each member was.