10+ Times BTS’s RM Was The Supportive Friend Everyone Needs

He’s their biggest cheerleader.

What kind of leader is BTS‘s RM? A cheerleader! (Oh, the punniness. Can you hear Jin laughing?) RM is incredibly supportive of his members, and he highlights their talents whenever he’s given the chance. Here are 10+ times he encouraged and cheered them on!


1. When he mentioned Jungkook’s “Paper Hearts” cover to Tori Kelly

You know, he did a cover. Paper Hearts.

— RM


2. When he told Drake about J-Hope’s version of the “In My Feelings” challenge

He did the “In My Feelings” challenge.

— RM


3. Every time he invites his members to speak during interviews


4. When he encouraged V to give this acceptance speech for Vlive Top 10


5. When he complimented these handsome, but extra, members

The only make a fuss like this on camera.

— Fan

Hey (they are) handsome.

— RM


6. When he hyped up Suga’s part in “Airplane Pt. 2” during a live broadcast


7. When he complimented V’s English pronunciation


8. When he encouraged a nervous Jimin to tell him more about the song he was working on

9. When he praised Jungkook for adding more emotion to his vocals


10. When he shushed ARMY so that V could speak


11. When he listed all the things Jin is good at