13 Times BTS’s RM Was Just Too Tall For This World

It’s a big world, but it’s not big enough for RM.

BTS RM‘s official height is 181 cm/5’11”, but some fans are convinced that these stats are a lie. Reason being, RM towers over many of the people around him and there are times when the world seems two sizes too small for him!


1. When he awkwardly bent his knees to match his members’ height


2. When he (and his spectacular hat) dwarfed nearly everyone in this group photo


3. When he dressed up as an actual dwarf and barely fit in the pants


4. When he somehow managed to make this coat look too small and too big at the same time


5. When he hit his knee off the table at BTS’s 2018 Festa. Ouch.


6. When Jimin had to use the mic right after him at the Seoul Music Awards


7. When he made this oversized outfit feel undersized


8. When he made Jimin look tiny, even while sitting down…


9. …and J-Hope too


10. When Jimin straight-up asked him to shrink


11. That moment when fans realized just how huge his hands are


12. When a kneeling RM was almost the same height as a bending Jimin


13. When he couldn’t even fit on a desktop