Here Are 10 Times That BTS’s RM Proved He’s Total Husband… Er, Boyfriend Material

Let’s be real, husband material is accurate.

To continue our ongoing BTS boyfriend material series, next up on the list is the group’s leader and a role model to millions, RM! Even though he’s not the oldest member of the group, his maturity, wisdom, and thoughtfulness make him not just an incredible leader, but a wonderful person as a whole. Here are just 10 of the countless reasons why anyone would be lucky to call him their partner!

1. His maturity and wisdom would bring so much enrichment to your life.

2. Who could resist his dimples?

3. There’s something about him that is just so comforting and peaceful.

4. Honestly, is there anything more attractive than RM reading?

5. You know he would treat you to tons of beautiful dates.

6. His whole Instagram profile just screams boyfriend material.

7. Traveling with him would be full of new, unique, and breathtaking experiences.

8. Do we need to explain these pictures? 👀

9. Imagine adorable facetime dates like this, just for you.

10. And of course, his silliness would easily make you laugh!