15 BTS “Roses Are Red” Poems That Will Make You Wheeze

These funny poems were written by ARMY for ARMY.

Roses are red, violets are blue, ARMYs aren’t just fans, they’re poets too! Here are 15 of their funniest “roses are red” poems about BTS to brighten your day.

1. Violets are wack

2. R.I.P

3. Isn’t this “incorrect quote” actually correct?

4. If “Cypher Pt. 4” was a poem

5. Boy With Luv

6. Ticket sales

7. The poem that never loses relevance

8. I feel bad for laughing, but…

9. Yeet yeet!

10. RM once said…

11. Ft. Jinkook

12. The Marine Suit

13. I beg you!

14. Twelvehitphobia: A Poem

15. BONUS: This throwback