10+ Moments From JTBC2’s “Run BTS!” Special That You Won’t Want To Miss

The ping pong kings are back!

Today, Episode 138 of BTSs show Run BTS! aired ahead of its weekly schedule on JTBC2. If you missed it, don’t worry; the episode will air again at its usual time (9 PM time on April 20) on Weverse and VLIVE. Here are 10+ memorable moments from this ping pong special!

1. BTS’s reaction to Jungkook hitting the ping pong ball…with his abs

2. RM playing peek-a-boo games with this camera

3. Everyone praising V’s ping pong skills

4. “J-Hope hyung” letting the maknae hit his butt, because why not?

5. Ping Pong Master Jin showing everybody how it’s done

6. Jimin helping Jungkook cheat to win

7. V frog-hopping his way across the floor

8. You know “Hope On The Street”, but have you met “Hope In The Zone”?

9. This serotonin-boosting hug

10. The staff zooming in on V’s deadpan expression

11. Ping Pong Champ J-Hope coming through!

12. Winter Bear: The Saga Continues

13. RM’s unique technique