10+ Memorable Moments From BTS’s First “Run BTS!” Episode Of 2019

Who let BTS into the kitchen again? And why?

After a 5 month absence, BTS‘s Run BTS! is finally back with a brand new episode. Fans of the variety show have been dying to see what antics BTS have in store for them, and the first episode of 2019 did not disappoint! Here are 10+ memorable moments from their cooking-themed, 57th episode.


1. When J-Hope wanted to snag Suga for a teammate


2. When RM smiled brighter than the sun


3. When VMin gave their shippers new fanfiction material…


4. …several times


5. Every single time Suga was just too damn cute


6. When Jimin dumped merengue all over his hair…


7. …and RM just couldn’t handle it


8. When Jin and Jungkook showed off their new boxing skills


9. When absolutely nothing could distract Jungkook from his stirring


10. Speaking of which, how can he look this perfect while doing it?


11. When J-Hope marveled over his sexy brained teammates


12. Every time V regretted choosing the activity for this episode


13. BONUS: Spoilers without context


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