“RUN BTS” Is Returning – Here Are ARMYs’ Most Relatable Reactions

We survived the drought!

Fans have eagerly awaited BTS‘s beloved reality show, RUN BTS, to return, always loving the members’ chaotic chemistry. The variety show was on a ten-month break and will return on August 16th.

To make the content more accessible to fans, the episodes will be available on Weverse, VLIVE, and YouTube.

BTS | @BTS_official/Twitter

Here are the seven most relatable ARMY reactions to the news.

1. Pride in having survived the “ten-month drought”

ARMY have been waiting a long while but now can look forward to August!

2. The significance of the announcement

They announced the return of RUN BTS on the seven-year anniversary of the show! Which, understandably, has ARMY incredibly emotional.

3. The hope for a new intro song

When BTS released “RUN BTS” in their PROOF album, ARMY had already started hoping it would be the new intro for the variety show, and after the new teaser, it looks like fans might be right.

4. Excitement over when the first episode was filmed

Fans had suspected that BTS was filming something when they were spotted on the streets of Soul with cameras and staff, and now their suspicions that it would be for a new episode of RUN BTS seem to have been proven.

Maybe the simp-worthy staff member will even make an appearance…

5. The relief over the return of “comfort Tuesdays”

ARMY look forward to the comfort that laughing with BTS during RUN BTS brings, often joking that it’s the most effective form of free therapy.

6. The unexpected amount of new content ARMY aren’t prepared for

When BTS announced a “hiatus,” fans were preparing for the worst, but all the initial rumors couldn’t be further from the truth with BTS blessing ARMY with incredible amounts of new exciting content.

7. Just screaming

There’s nothing left to say. We just couldn’t be more excited!

After A Long Break, RUN BTS Is Finally Coming Back!