14 Shocking Plot Twists From BTS’s “Save Me” Webtoon

WARNING: Spoilers!

BTS‘s Save Me webtoon brought ARMYs inside the BTS Universe and took them on a time-traveling journey through the HYYH era. The story was full of surprises, including these shocking plot twists that left fans with more questions than answers. WARNING! Spoilers ahead!


1. The dog from “Stigma” is a spirit guide

At the beginning of Save Me, a mysterious white animal approaches Jin to send him back in time to save his members.

This furry friend is most-likely the one who approached V in “Stigma”. The “Stigma” dog came to bring V comfort and hope, just like Jin seeks to do in Save Me.


2. RM went to prison

In BTS’s music videos, RM encountered a rude customer while working at a gas station. Readers were shocked to learn that the incident ended with RM going to jail.


3. Suga and Jungkook died

These two words gave ARMY a heart attack! In the original timeline, Jin was as shocked as we were to find out that Jungkook and Suga had both passed away. Suga died from the fire he had set in a motel and Jungkook took his own life.


4. Jungkook committed suicide

Fans will never think of “Euphoria’s” MV the same way again after seeing this Save Me scene.

Although it isn’t explicitly stated, most readers agree that Jungkook killed himself out of guilt, for failing to save Suga.

5. V is psychic

In the music videos, there’s always been a strong connection between Jin and V. In the webtoon, we find out that Jin and V both have knowledge about the future, but they’ve received the information in different ways. Jin knows the future because he’s seen it while time traveling. V has seen it in his dreams.


6. V, Jungkook, and RM all die in a car crash

In one shocking twist, Jin gets into a car accident while driving with V, Jungkook, and RM to find Suga. In this timeline, all three of Jin’s passengers die before the day resets.


7. Suga was expelled from school for protecting Jungkook

One day, Jungkook was listening to Suga play the piano at school. A teacher came into the room and struck him, possibly for skipping class.

Suga was expelled for violence when he stepped in to defend Jungkook.


8. Jin saved Suga from the fire

In one timeline, Jin switched fates with Jungkook by rescuing Suga from the fire. He soon realized though that his actions weren’t enough to truly save Suga. Even though Suga survived the fire, he still wanted to die, and he blamed Jin for saving him.


9. J-Hope has narcolepsy

In the “I Need U” MV, J-Hope passes out on the street. The cause, narcolepsy, is revealed in the webtoon. The pills he takes in BTS’s music videos are for this chronic medical condition that makes him fall asleep without warning.


10. Jimin parents confined him to the hospital for 2 years

For two years, Jimin hasn’t seen the world outside the hospital’s walls. His parents confined him after they claimed they could no longer deal with his medical condition.


11. Jimin’s seizures

In the webtoon, Jimin has a condition that makes him see a dark substance on his body that isn’t really there.

The condition causes him to scrub his skin raw in the bath.

Jimin’s hallucinations seem to be tied to his seizures.

The story behind Jimin’s illness is never fully explained, but it has something to do with this arboretum. When Jin is driving with Jimin toward this location, Jimin jumps out of the car and starts to run, unable to face it.


12. Jimin drowns

Jimin desperately wants to escape the hospital and return to the world with his friends. This leaves the cause of Jimin’s drowning open to debate. Some say he committed suicide because his mother refused to let him leave. Other believe his death was accidental; a seizure caused him to drown.


13. V kills Jin

In the final chapter, V accidentally kills Jin with a broken bottle when Jin tries to prevent V from killing his father.


14. The ending

After Jin dies, he wakes up one more time in the room where he starts April 11 over and over again. He comes to the realization that he could never successfully save everyone, including himself. He then looks down at the photograph in his hand and realizes that the date has changed to April 12. The ending is open to interpretation, as are its final words: “Once again, just like before…together with you.”