8 Things You Might Not Have Noticed In BTS’s “Season’s Greetings 2022”

Did you spot them all?

BTS has released the first video preview for their villain-themed DVD package, Season’s Greetings 2022. Here are 10+ details you might have missed the first time around!

1. RM’s lab coat

The mad scientist’s outfit references RM’s solo song from MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona, “Intro: Persona.”


RM is also rocking a necktie with adorable bears on it.

2. Hacker Jin’s code

“Int magic” appears in this string of code. Jin is literally a “computer whiz!”

3. These clocks

Clocks appear in the background of several scenes, and they are all set to different times. What could it mean? Drop your theories!


4. J-Hope’s strategy board

The pattern of J-Hope’s yarn on this board closely resembles…


…this shape on RM’s chalkboard. Coincidence?

5. Return to “FAKE LOVE?”

V‘s mystical set has details that were also seen during BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” era, such as an hourglass…

…a mask…

…and a hooded robe.


6. V’s tarot card

7. Jungkook’s set

Look closely at Jungkook’s grungy garage and you’ll see a couple of pieces of his members’ sets in it.


Chains appear in several scenes throughout the preview, and V has a glass ball as part of his set.

8. The posters

The background of BTS’s group photo from the first preview cut is full of posters with hidden details, such as…

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter



…and “Butter.”

Watch the video here: