10+ Times The Members Of BTS Shared One Brain Cell

Seven members. One mind.

BTS‘s members are so in sync that sometimes it seems like they’re one spirit inhabiting seven bodies…or seven people sharing one brain cell. Here are just # of the many, many times they’ve showed it!



1. When Jimin and Jin punched the giggles out of themselves for this K-Drama skit


2. When the oldest and youngest nodded at the exact same time


3. When SOPE “oooooh’d” together

4. When Jungkook followed V without hesitation

5. When J-Hope and Jungkook shared the same idea about V’s accessory

6. When Suga tried to copy V’s “Anpanman” move


7. Every single time V and Jungkook were freakishly synchronized

8. When J-Hope and Suga ate watermelon like this

9. When J-Hope and Jungkook whined as one

10. When Jin and Suga unwittingly added water drinking to the choreography


11. When they all took one look at a crib and thought of Jimin