15+ BTS Shirtless Edits That Will Make You Crank The AC

WARNING: May cause heat stroke.

Some K-Pop boy groups rip their shirts off faster than you can say “thank you”, but others, like BTS, like to tease fans with flashes of skin here and there.

Since there’s a 0.00001 chance of all seven members giving ARMY 360-degree views of their glorious shirtlessness, fans have taken matters into their own hands. Here are 15+ fake photos that might make you real thirsty.

1. Jin

2. Suga

3. J-Hope

4. RM

5. Jimin

Fact: Jimin is the only BTS member who has gone fully shirtless on stage, but edits still exist!

6. V

7. Jungkook

8. BONUS: Suga’s idea of beachwear.

And we love him for it!