Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS For Their “Sleepover” Zoom Fanmeeting

Items range in price from $44 to $730!

BTS held their fanmeetings on August 9 via Zoom. With a fun sleepover theme, each member got to wear their preferred pajamas. But, being BTS, they, of course, wore the most comfortable yet stylish pajama sets.

BTS Zoom fanmeeting | @hanami1013/Twitter

So, here’s how much it costs to dress like BTS for their “sleepover” Zoom fanmeeting…

1. RM

RM paired two separate pieces from different brands to make up his pajamas. His nautical sweatshirt is from Wild Donkey, while his flannel pants are from 5252 by O!Oi‘s “Logo Flannel Pajamas Set.” They cost $214 and $88 USD, respectively. Even in PJs, the boys accessorized. For RM, he added the “Medium XX Smile Eyed Necklace” from avec new york jewelry for $348 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Wild Donkey & O!Oi & avec new york jewelry 

2. Jin

Jin wore the “Chilling Stripe Pajama Set” from Snappy Cuddle for $141 USD. He paired it with OBEY‘s “Night Creatures 2” T-Shirt for $44 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Snappy Cuddle & OBEY

3. Suga

Suga’s green flannel pajama set comes from O!Oi and costs $88 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & O!Oi

4. J-Hope

J-Hope also wore a pajama set from Snappy Cuddle. His is the “Midnight Gamble Pajama Set” for $120 USD. Of course, J-Hope always accessorizes every look with his silver locket necklace from Louis Vuitton x UNICEF.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Snappy Cuddle & Louis Vuitton & UNICEF

5. Jimin

Jimin’s “Peppermint Pajama Set” and “Havana Navy Robe” both come from Jo’s lounge. They cost $72 and $80 USD, respectively.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Jo’s lounge

6. V

V wore the “Check Pajama Set” in navy from yuppe for $75 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & yuppe

7. Jungkook

Like RM and Suga, Jungkook wore pajamas from O!Oi. From the brand’s 5252 line, he wore the “Logo Flannel Pajamas” in green for $132 USD. Before the fanmeeting concluded, the set had already sold out.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & O!Oi
Source: @Bangtan_Style07