Here Are BTS’s 10 Most Romantic Lyrics To Quote When Confessing Your Love

They tell it like it is.

There are millions of ways to say “I love you”, but that’s a statement best told with music. And BTS know how to make it sound just right. Here are 10 lyrics from their songs that get the message delivered like none other.


1. “Love Maze”

If you push, I will fall. But be the one to help me up.


2. “Trivia 承 : Love”

I can feel it – like how the moon rises when the sun sets. Like how the fingernail grows. Like how the trees shed their leaves when winter comes. You’re the one who’s going to turn my history into memory.


3. “Euphoria”

You’re the sunshine beaming in my life again.


4. “Best of Me”

I’ve never seen the end of me, but I’d like to think you’d be there. I’ve been trying to be a soothing wave, but you’ve been my ocean all along.


5. “134340”

You’ll understand someday. You’re my four seasons.


6. “Mikrokosmos”

I look at you and I dream.


7. “Where Did You Come From”

It doesn’t matter if you’re from the moon or the stars. You are what I am.


8. “Outro: Her”

You’re the answer to all my wonders.


9. “Make It Right”

You’re the one who brought the morning dawn to my eternal nights with no end to be seen. Will you let me hold your hand now?


10. “Serendipity”

When you call me, I bloom for you… This is the way it is, how the universe works. You know, I know. You are me, I am you.

Source: THEQOO