Here Are 10 BTS Songs That Would Perfectly Fit In A Marvel Movie, According To Fans

We’re convinced #8 was meant for the MCU!

According to several news sources, BTS‘s Jimin and V‘s song “Friends” will be featured in the latest Marvel Studios film Eternals. This is awesome, considering that it’s an all-star cast and directed by Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao.

ARMY have been especially excited about the news and have started sharing their own picks for BTS songs that they believe fit in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

So, here are 10 BTS songs that would perfectly fit in a Marvel movie, according to fans…

1. “ON”

We would actually be surprised if this never makes it into the MCU because it literally sounds made for it! It’s no wonder this is one of the most selected songs by ARMY.

2. “Dis-ease”

This is the second most popular choice after “ON.” There are numerous edits made with the song over scenes from Marvel movies.

3. “Dionysus”

This is another very popular choice, and although it might be ironic to use it with Norse gods when the title is about a Greek god, it somehow fits the characters so perfectly.

4. “Seesaw”

This is just too cute not to include! You know Groot would be ARMY.

5. “Not Today”

Does anyone else feel like a superhero ready to take on the world when they listen to “Not Today?”

6. “Black Swan”

This song is perfect for Wanda/Scarlet Witch’s scenes!

This fan mashed up “Black Swan” and “Fake Love,” and it fits the selected scenes so well!

7. “Mic Drop”

This is an underrated choice, but it is honestly a great idea.

8. “My Universe”

This Coldplay collaboration was made for WandaVision! Besides, the music video itself seemed straight out of the MCU.

9. “Louder than bombs”

Apologies in advance for this scene, but this song choice is excellent.

10. “Fire”

An iconic BTS song for an iconic film franchise.

Honorable mention: “Fantastic”

BTS’s RM actually did an OST with Mandy Ventrice for the 2015 Marvel film Fantastic Four. Since it’s a 20th Century Fox film, it is technically not in the MCU, but it’s so cool that RM has actually had a song in a Marvel movie before!

Which BTS song would you add to the list and like to hear in a Marvel movie?

Source: @kkyupersona