Nobody Is Over BTS’s “Sowoozoo Jungkook,” And These 15+ Tweets Prove It

“He still has me in a chokehold.”

BTS just released the preview for their 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO DVD, and it’s bringing back cherished memories. At MUSTER SOWOOZOO, Jungkook revealed his tattoo sleeve on stage for the very first time, and well, ARMY still isn’t over it!

Jungkook | @goldenshi_/Twitter

1. What does it feel like? Being buried alive.

2. We were spared!

3. Imagine explaining this to a doctor…

4. This well-deserved promotion

5. It was unofficially Jungkook Day

6. There’s no escape. None.

7. No word, just ink and screeching.

8. Yes, yes. Please, prove us wrong!

9. Time to tap out?

10. Why are you so tired?

11. The voice of an angel

12. We weren’t prepared for this at all. 

13. Shut up and take my money, HYBE!

14. This rhetorical question

15. The beginning of beautiful things

16. He leveled up

17. It was a moment to remember!

Watch the preview here: