20+ Moments From BTS’s Special Presidential Envoy Appointment That ARMY Can’t Get Over

It feels like we met President Moon too!

BTS have officially been appointed as the new Future Culture Special Envoys by President Moon Jae In. They met with the president on September 14, 2021, to collect their letters of appointment.

ARMY is beyond proud of BTS at this moment and naturally have a lot of feels. So, here are 20+ moments from BTS’s Special Presidental Envoy appointment that they can’t get over…

1. When they walked in with President Moon

2. When they all fist bumped President Moon

3. When Jungkook stood up to see RM

4. “I’m diamond. You know I glow up.” 

5. ARMY goes everywhere with Jungkook

6. President Moon, 8th member of BTS, confirmed.

7. The cool kids

8. Literally, BTS will fill our kids’ history books

9. Jungkook and President Moon = besties

10. When RM almost left President Moon hanging

11. An iconic look

12. When V did the “Permission to Dance” choreo

13. J-Hope just being himself with President Moon

14. President Moon is a huge ARMY

15. We’re so proud of you, Jin!

16. The Blue House fansite finally released photos

17. South Korea’s President meeting our President

18. Jungkook looking for his name tag

19. Flexin’

20. Korea’s Pride

21. Suga’s stylist knows what’s up

22. And, of course, when they received their appointment letters

Check out photos from the appointment below:

BTS Are Korea’s Pride And President Moon Jae In’s Special Envoys In 30 New Photos

Source: Twitter