“Spring Day” Voted BTS’s Most Influential Song Of All Time

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From “No More Dream” to “Take Two,” each BTS track has taken the group to new heights. Some songs were especially significant in shaping BTS’s career, growing their fandom, and impacting the entertainment industry, but which one is BTS’s most influential song of all time? You voted, and these are the results!

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8. “Dope”

Taking 2% of the votes is “Dope.” This 2015 song is all about rising and grinding to turn your dreams into reality. “Dope” MV was BTS’s first music video to hit 1M likes and 100M views on YouTube.

7. “Boy In Luv”

3% of readers voted for BTS’s 2014 song “Boy in Luv.” Through this hip-hop track, BTS expressed all the feelings and frustrations that can come from young love. “Boy In Luv” was one of BTS’s earliest hits, and it drew many rookie-era ARMYs into the fandom.

6. “FIRE”

Want to get ARMYs hyped up with a single word? Say, “Bultaoreune,” Suga‘s intro to this fierce (and, yes, fiery) track. “FIRE” was both a declaration and promise that BTS would burn up the music industry. Seven years later, BTS is still doing just that! “FIRE” took 4% of the votes.


In fifth place with 9% of the votes is “FAKE LOVE,” released in 2018. This song quickly became one of BTS’s most popular title tracks of all time. Listeners fell head over heels for its powerful sound and memorable chorus: “I’m so sick of this fake love, fake love…”

4. “I NEED U”

“I NEED U” tied with “FAKE LOVE” for 9% of the vote, but with a slight lead by 19 votes. “I NEED U” was one of the earliest contributions to BTS’s fictional universe, the BTS Universe. Fans embraced its heartbreaking lyrics and were intrigued by the music video’s plot.

3. “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

If there’s one thing BTS isn’t, it’s static. In 2016, they released “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” an experimental song that deviated from their previous hip-hop hits. Through its sensual lyrics and music video, this track introduced fans to a sexier side of BTS. With 12% of the vote, “Blood, Sweat & Tears” is BTS’s third-most influential song ever.

2. “Dynamite”

Coming in with 19% of the votes is “Dynamite,” an uplifting, pandemic-era track that took BTS’s fame to a whole new level. It was released in 2020, at a time when COVID-19 shut most of the world down. This nostalgic all-English language reminded ARMYs of better days while also introducing the general public to BTS.

1. “Spring Day”

Taking first place with 42% of the votes is “Spring Day.” Nicknamed the “queen” of BTS’s discography, this song was released in 2017, at the height of BTS’s HYYH era. Years later, “Spring Day” is still touching hearts and turning casual listeners into dedicated ARMYs.

On social media, we asked readers to nominate other songs that weren’t part of the poll. Special mentions include: “IDOL,” “Butter,” “RUN,” “War of Hormone,” “Black Swan,” “DNA,” “Boy With Luv,” “Mic Drop,” and “ON.”

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