30 BTS “Spring Day” Memes That Scream, “Bow Down To The Queen” 

It’s been three years, but this chart-topping “queen” can’t be beat. And she knows it.

On February 12, 2017, BTS released “Spring Day”, one of their most popular songs of all time. Three years have passed, but this “queen” still reigns supreme on the music charts, and she has a special place in ARMY‘s heart. In honor of her three-year anniversary, here are 30 “Spring Day” memes!

1. This prediction that came true

2. Intruders will not be tolerated

3. This is not about you!

4. Pay your respects, peasants

5. That hug’s for me. Right, Melon?

6. Guess who!

7. The first fight of 2020

8. BTS released a new song? Time to rise again!

9. Where do you think you’re going?

10. This timeless love story

11. This entrance

12. Why, hello there

13. This slap of reality

14. Should I knock, or…?

15. GTFO

16. Can you hear this meme?

17. She rules with an iron fist. And a squeaky hammer.

18. I’m back

19. Know your place

20. Oh no. Here we go again…

21. …and again…

22. …and a— dang gurl, have mercy!

23. Worldwide Winner

24. Music charts trying to run from “Spring Day” like they just accidentally woke up Suga from his sleep:

25. I’ll take a glass of “I run these streets”, please

26. Surprise!

27. Sorry, is my never-ending success distracting?

28. Intimidation at its finest

29. I dare you to speak!

30. Just get out


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