“Stay Alive”: 10+ Relatable Reactions To BTS Suga And Jungkook’s Collaboration

“HYYH Yoonkook can’t relate.”

BTS‘s upcoming soundtrack for their 7FATES: CHAKHO webtoon is on the way! Today, Suga revealed details about “Stay Alive,” his self-produced collaboration track with Jungkook.

| @agustd/Instagram 

For some ARMYs, this “Yoonkook” collab is bringing back memories from BTS’s previous webtoon, Save Me. In the BTS Universe, Suga and Jungkook’s characters didn’t have the happiest ending!

Jungkook pulling Suga to safety. | HYBE Labels/YouTube

1. You know who is more savage than Suga? ARMY.

2. These simple but impossible-to-follow instructions:

3. The irony is too painful

4. If they can’t do it, how can we?

5. It’s a neverending cycle

6. HYBE: “Forget HYYH.” Also HYBE:

7. We’re this close to snapping…

8. The plot twist we absolutely cannot handle

9. Who named the song? We just want to talk…

10. An “A” for effort?

11. A morbid sense of humor

12. No persuading needed

13. “I’m trying!”