10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS Suga’s Agust D “Haegeum” MV That Are Too Real

Why are we kind of shipping him with himself?

BTS Suga‘s new Agust D album D-DAY is finally here, along with the MV for “Haegeum!”

The hype has been real, but somehow he managed to exceed our already high expectations. Check out 10+ ARMY reactions below…

1. Jin is all of us.

2. Day and Night

3. Cinema < Agust D music videos

4. Me next.

5. The fanfiction writes itself.

6. He’s innocent, your honor!

7. A Lil Meow Meow playing with a fish

8. Show some respect.

9. Enemies to lovers?

10. He’s smoking hot.

11. Yeah, we have a type. It’s him.

12. He ate.

13. Definition of all-rounder

14. Be still our hearts.

15. Let him speak.

16. Is this not a screenshot from the MV?

17. We’d fall into his trap too.

18. He is the king and the boss now, not those guys!


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