10+ Times BTS’s Suga Turned The Airport Into His Personal Runway

His airport looks are iconic!

BTS‘s Suga has great fashion sense!

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Suga’s style truly shines through his airport outfits.

Here are a few of his best airport looks so far!

1. Practically invented leather jackets

Suga always looks so good in leather!

2. Dressed down

He looks so handsome in his comfy Louis Vuitton sweater and jeans!

3. He looks so good in all black

We’re positively swooning over this look!

4. The details on this jacket are incredible

This jacket is so beautiful!

5. Handsome CEO vibes

Suga looks ✨expensive✨ in this outfit!

6. Casual king

Seriously, who looks this good in a T-shirt and shorts?!

7. Obsessed with this sweater

This sweater looks incredible on Suga!

8. Pop of color

Suga’s multi-colored flannel adds a nice contrast to his otherwise all-black look!

9. Always been an icon

Even during the early stages of his career, Suga was a street fashion icon!

10. He’s got great taste in coats

Suga definitely knows how to stay bundled up AND fashionable at the same time!

11. This look went down in BTS history

ARMY still talks about how great Suga looked in this white shirt!