7 Things We Learned About BTS’s Suga In His Birthday Live Broadcast

He revealed new things about himself.

BTS‘s Suga held a live broadcast to celebrate his birthday on March 9. He answered fan questions for almost an hour, showed off his cake, and even danced around with Jungkook!

He disclosed many tidbits about himself from the state of his health to his recent hobbies. Check them out below!

1. His shoulder is getting better.

Good news for all ARMYs! Suga revealed that his shoulder has been healing well since his surgery. He can now easily raise his arm, although it still “feels like I’m lifting weights.”

I got so much better. Look, I can raise my arm like this.

— Suga

Since there’s still room for improvement, he’s working hard to be healthy enough to get back on stage.

I keep having physical therapy. It’s much better now but it’s not 100%. I still can’t do something intensive like dancing.

— Suga

2. He doesn’t love birthdays.

Though he was happy to celebrate his birthday with ARMYs, it’s not his favorite time of the year. There’s no big reason for it, he’s just not a birthday person!

Birthdays are birthdays. I no longer feel excited about it. Actually, I’m not a person who always waits for birthdays to come. And now I don’t even feel excited about it.

— Suga

3. He wants to have longer hair.

Suga usually prefers short hair because he “doesn’t like it sticking out” but he’s now willing to take a chance on a new look.

I always kept my back hair short…I felt like my hairstyle has not changed that much, so I’m growing it.

— Suga

4. He doesn’t watch Penthouse.

SBS‘s Penthouse may be an increasingly popular show, but Suga isn’t one of their viewers. He replied to a fan that he knows of the K-Drama but hasn’t watched it fully.

No, I don’t watch Penthouse. I just watched it for about 10 minutes when I was flipping through channels.

— Suga

It’s not that he dislikes the plot or characters, it’s just that watching television isn’t too interesting for him anymore.

It’s hard for me to stay focused on dramas and movies these days.

— Suga

5. He loves watching basketball.

What Suga is interested in, however, is sports! He recently watched professional basketball games while recovering at home, something he viewed as a luxury since he never found time for it in the past.

The NBA all star game was held yesterday. I watched many NBA games. The games are always played in the morning in Korea. I couldn’t watch it in real time when I was working, so I really enjoyed the games this time.

— Suga

6. He used to go to school on Saturdays.

Though it was strange for some fans to think about having class on weekends, Suga found it completely natural.

When I was a senior, I remember going to school on Saturdays every two weeks. On Saturdays, we had club activities. It was 10 years ago.

— Suga

7. He’s on a diet.

Finally, Suga revealed that he’s actually on a diet at present. Though he loves tangerines, he had to control himself from eating the ones he had on hand!

Tangerines are one of Suga’s favorite fruits

Happy belated birthday, Suga!

Source: Naver Live


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