16 Times Suga’s Dry Sense Of Humor Made Us Cackle

If you like sarcasm, you’ll love Suga.

BTS‘s Suga has a sense of humor that’s just as unique as he is. It’s dry, blunt, sarcastic, and hilariously pragmatic. These are just 16 of his many iconic one-liners!


1. Who died?


2. The human camel


3. “MG” stands for…


4. “Choose your dream house.”


5. This low-key slap to the face


6. Suga lives on Suga time. Period.


7. Q: What is the biggest difference between Season 1 and Season 2 of Bon Voyage?


8. Pac Man


9. The best solution to this problem


10. The place of his birth


11. 2 Cool 4 Skool


12. No reason to live


13. Enthusiasm level: Suga


14. That escalated quickly!


15. This underappreciated pun


16. “Battle cruise”