10 Times BTS’s Suga Lived Up To His “Old Man” Reputation

He’s young in body, but old at heart.

BTS‘s Suga is only 26 years young, but he has a tendency to say and do some things that have earned him an “old man” reputation. Here are 10 times Grandpa Suga lived up to that rep!


1. Every time he chose sleep over play…


2. …and had no patience today’s youth


3. When he expressed his old school views about cooking ramen


4. When he dressed the part


5. That time Jungkook called this Suga vs Jin match a “battle of the oldies”


6. When he did this grandpa dance


7. That time he showed up to an MV shoot as a “drunk” ahjusshi 


8. Whenever he has to squint like this to read fans’ comments


9. Every time he gets grumpy


10. When the Run BTS! editors straight-up called him “Grandfather Suga”