BTS Suga’s Hands Are So Pretty Fans Held An Online Competition To Rank Them

Which one is your favorite?

An online community board held a BTS Suga hand competition and voted for the best ‘hand moment’!

With 135 submissions, lets take a look at some Suga hand moments before revealing the winner!

Suga holding onto books

Suga twirling a CD

Suga drying his hair

Suga peeling off stickers

Suga putting on a tie

Suga playing the piano

Suga holding the mic

Suga performing on stage

Suga touching his ear

Now let’s take a look at the top four!

4. Suga fixing his jacket

3. Suga playing the guitar

2. Suga taking off his rings

1. Suga pressing the cassette player in the “FIRE” music video

Netizens couldn’t hide their shock at just how beautiful his hands were.

  • “His hands are so pretty.”
  • “I’m going to save all of these…thank you.”
  • “Why am I getting a nosebleed looking at this.”
  • “Wow even his hands are amazing.”

Which one would you choose as your favorite Suga hand moment?

Source: theqoo