10 Of BTS Suga’s Darkest And Most Heartbreaking Lyrics

He bore his soul in these songs.

BTS‘s Suga doesn’t shy about from talking about his fears, doubts, and struggles in his music. Here are 10 heartbreaking lyrics that explored his dark side and helped us face our own.


 1. BTS – “Interlude: Shadow”

The moment I’m flying high as I wished
My shadow grows in that blasting stark light
Please don’t let me shine
Don’t let me down
Don’t let me fly


2. Agust D – “The Last”

At times I’m scared of myself too
Thanks to the depression that takes over me
And all my self-hatred
Min Yoongi is dead already (I killed him)
Comparing my dead passion with others
It’s now a part of my daily life


3. BTS – “Save Me”

Today the moon shines brighter
On the blank spot in my memories
It swallowed me, this lunatic
Please save me tonight
(Please save me tonight
Please save me tonight)
Within this childish madness
You will save me tonight


4.  Agust D – “So Far Away”

Even my friends and family are drifting away
I feel anxious as time passes by
It feels like I’m all by myself
I hope everything disappears when I’m alone
I hope things disappear like mirage
I hope things disappear
I hope my damn self disappears
I’m abandoned like this in the world
In this moment I’m drifting away from the sky
I’m falling


5. BTS – “Whalien 52”

When only the thing called
Loneliness remained by my side
I’ve become completely alone
Some say, “bastard, you’ve become a celebrity”
Oh fuck that, yeah, well, so what, nobody
remains by my side, I’m ok like this
These words that are easily said
towards me quickly becomes a wall
Even loneliness turns into something you can see


6. Agust D – “724148”

I knew the world was unfair
But there’s someone living
In a 15 pyeong two room with 10 people
When there’s someone driving a foreign brand car
Right after graduating

7. BTS – “HOME”

So miserable
The world thinks that we have the whole world
Dreamed of big house, big cars, big rings
Even if I have everything I want
I feel empty right now, that strange feeling you get
Once you’ve achieved everything
But even now, I have a place to go to so I’m going out the door


8. Agust D – “140503 At Dawn”

Pretending not to be lonely, pretending not to be in pain
Pointlessly pretending to be okay
Pointlessly pretending to be strong
Don’t climb over the wall I’ve built in front of me
I’m the island in this vast ocean, don’t abandon me

9. BTS – “Tomorrow”

Same day, same moon
24/7 every moment repeats
My life is in between
Jobless twenty-somethings are afraid of tomorrow
It’s funny, you think anything
is possible when you’re a kid
When you feel how hard it is to get through a day
Keep feeling like the
“Control” beat, keep downloading it
Every single day is a repetition of ctrl+c, ctrl+v

10. BTS – “Sea”

In the end, we reached the mirage
And it became our reality
The scary desert
Became the ocean with our blood, sweat and tears
But why is there this fear
In between the happiness?
Because we know too well that this place is really a desert