20 BTS Suga Memes To Make Your Day “AGUST D-lightful”

Suga’s a living meme, and this proves it.

Feeling down? Need a laugh? These memes of BTS‘s Suga are coming to the rescue! Here are 20 AGUST D-lightful memes to add to your collection.

1. Coping with life skill level: 0

2. The only evolution that matters

3. Hello, stress, my old friend.

4. This duality

5. Brainstorming theories

6. Ask a stupid question, get a sassy answer

7. Know your limits

8. Guess the TXT song

9. When you’re being honest with yourself

10. AGUST Disgusted

11. Friends for life

12. Every time Blonde Suga makes a comeback

13. Trust issues

14. Too lazy to move

15. That girl you should definitely worry about

16. Swag With Luv

17. Sad swag

18. Caught in the act

19. Prepare to be blown away

20. And we’re done!